About the Early Nutrition Specialist (ENS)

The ENS programme is a CME accredited e-learning initiative offered by Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich in collaboration with the Early Nutrition Academy. ENS offers CME-accredited specialized, personalized education in the area of early nutrition and lifestyle. In collaboration with international experts in the field, we provide the latest scientific evidence and international recommendations for the busy health care professional to easily incorporate in their day-to-day patient evaluation and counselling.

The ENS programme goes far beyond developing standard skills and competencies for nutritional and lifestyle counselling: it will bring to the health care professional latest research findings directly transferrable into clinical decision making by consolidating the most current evidence base deriving from our leading position in early nutrition and lifestyle research coordination. In joint development with the LMU eUniversity and experts in learning sciences, we capitalise on most effective and efficient didactical and pedagogical concepts in e-learning.

The programme is alternating core and focus courses. Core Courses deliver fundamental latest scientific evidence-based knowledge on nutrition in early life spans, comprising 3 topics each with a learning time of 2 x 45 min + 15 minutes (per month). Focus Courses in between Core Courses provide expert knowledge in specialised areas, each with a learning time of 45 min + 15 minutes.

All courses are further broken down into 10-15 minute learning bundles to maximise time flexibility. Additional further reading and references ensure that in depth interests can be met on demand. Self-comprised key essentials and info-graphics of all courses are just two examples of added-value and sustainable e-learning experience.